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2/15/12 9:05 AM

I have had numerous ‘periods’ of cravings, ranging from a week craving carrots, to a month on Nata-De-coco. Now, it has elevated, am almost at a month of having my-tongue-wants-to-taste cake.


I have tried to curb the craving by eating pasta and sandwiches, but it isn’t helping(Ehm, was it supposed to help???) Face palm. I also tried looking at cakes on the net..



..and drawing them, and even eating some, lakini craving haiishi! (the craving isn’t ending!) Argh! Argkh!

Then, I love this tart with cream and strawberries. I need the recipe. Oh, and an oven. *the life of a student. fml.


Oh, and just before I go get myself a piece of American chocolate cake(loading on the calories) I do love fruits. Like, I would die eating fruits. This combination is just genius.



Happy belated Valentines. I didn’t even do the long distance version. Eish, where’s that chocolate cake and my tea? 


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