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3/1/12 9:03 PM

By cries, I mean, tears-cries. Its been a long winding 3.5 years for my degree. I was initially supposed to go only 3 years, but we cannot plan failure can we? I keep on getting the weirdest wake-up calls to buck up and work a bit harder until I finish. Like yesterday, I wrote this test, which left me totes flabbergasted. I mean, it was my fault because I didn’t study for it, and I felt like crap after it. You know the crap that’s always underneath all the other crap. That crap LVL is what I felt. Despair.

But, hey, we learn from our mistakes and moving on!! The next attempt should be on point. No procrastinating, No assuming the simplicity of engineering. (Why did I ever?)


I will soon be an engineer. At least that’s my goal. But, I gotta make it happen the right way. No more dulling. Laziness SHINDWE!


Engineering is kinda kicking my tush, but I plan on kicking its own even harder before I leave Uni. 5 more months in this place, gotta watch this space. :-/


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