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4/6/12 1:01 AM

So, as today would be the perfect day to blog this, because my day was long and tedious. So, generally it is my fault for postponing stuff for so long but, oh well, life goes on. 

So, lemme start at 12a.m, I had just come back from Nilai Talent Night which was a blast thanks to the hardworking crew of LO Tomorrow club led by Mike, Jonah, and mates. So, I got home with a headache the size of Northern and Southern Sudan before they split, and I was super hungry. So after a debate with myself over Crash vs. Eat something first, I decided to eat something first. So, open the fridge, surf, analyse, close the fridge. Tea and biscuits it is. And it was.

So, I drank the tea and biscuits, while anticipating my soaked jelly beans. Ref to and the post below:


So, after savoring the gummy bears, though they were not so sweet anymore, I decided to watch family guy!((instead of working on my project!)). I fell asleep quite quickly after that. I set my alarm for 9.07am, but I jerked awake at 7.45am, then 8.22am. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just browsed until 9.10 or thereabout, then I went and bathed, did my 50 crunches in the shower(soooooo relaxing). I browsed some more, then, started on my VHDL report. I did almost all of it before packing all my project equipment and rushing off to school. 

Upon reaching school, i swiftly got to work, and after moments of despair and almost giving up, I managed to solve a problem in my VB.NET programming. As one of my classmates, T commented that I was now a pro with VB.NET *smiles to self*. Thank you Google!

Oh, and my lecturer conviniently pointed out that I had done next weeks work, and not the one due. So I compromised and begged her not to reduce my marks. We’ll see.

Later one of my classmates and good friends came to help me prepare my PCB board, and we took over 2 hours for something I thought would take 30minutes. He was so so precise! Anyway, so at around 5pm, i dipped my board into the acid and it was supposed to take over one hour for the process to be complete. So here I am, praying that my God would quicken the process. 6pm—>lab closes.. Here I am still praying. Then Mr.Kindhearted lab supervisor says “Its okay! I’ll wait..” *hugs him in my head* *tightens hug* After I mumble a ‘thank you’, I start the thank you prayers to God. See He doesn’t always work in the way we anticipate. He’s awesome like that.

So, after overstaying and remaining in the lab alone for 50 minutes extra, I finally finish. With cold hands, and a half done list of to do’s, I drag my feet back home. I think of having a sandwich for dinner, so I drag myself a bit further(even almost missed the turn cos I wasn’t looking) and go to the local grocery/convenience store and buy 3 buns. I reach home barely open the door, even almost missed my neighbor’s greeting even though he was right next to me!

I sit down, put my phone on the charger, (Darn BB battery) then I hang out with my housemates, oohing and getting giggly over some boys that have been making our lives all swoon and mushy. 


The rest of the day was spent with a very close friend who deserves a separate post. I know that God doesn’t work with coincidences and right now, I am happy to have found this friend to help me deal with some things and distract me from feeling bad and wallowing in my emotions. He/she is really a fine person.


That’s all. Every single day of mine is kinda unique and its special to have people around me that care and give me the wake up calls I need when I need them.


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