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Moving Swiftly On.

It is the twenty-second day of twenty-thirteen.


The number of times I’ve wanted to do this


…especially on Jav’s (daladala, matatu) to and from work. (#TheJavLife) sigh.

So, I have been on a roll, work, family, friends. I have tried to keep current and relevant with the Nairobi young society, while working two jobs and coming up with a business plan for my family business. Stress? NAH! I am also enrolling for my Master’s starting May and planning to move out of the city very soon.(To another East African country maybe?) :-X That is all In The Works.

I don’t have a hobby that I’m developing, or sufficient relaxation/chill time. Its all so fast-paced here in the city. Growing up in Mombasa, I think I adjusted quite fast to the pace of life in ‘My City, My Town’, but when do we all catch a break?? In the next life?

*looks at watch*

And, side-note, How Awesome Is She?? ====> 


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