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Update on My 2012-self.

I vow that from this day onward I shall blog every 2 days. IJN. Amen.

So, every time I start a post, I will begin with a brag of how many hours of studying I did today. Today, I did Zero. Shame. Shame.

So, a summary of my time since the last post.

1. I finished my final semester and got one re-sit. Passed all the other subjects well.
2. I had a short holiday spent with the new friends I made.
3. Went to Langkawi Island though there was some “mchanga in that kitumbua” I did have a fun time with great friends. So so many memories.
4. Submitted my passport for the last time for visa renewal.
5. Started studying for my re-sit.
6. Went through some serious bumming and chilling.
7. Went for clubbing a couple of times.
8. Successfully organised and catered for about 400 Africans in Malaysia at my church City Harvest Church KL .
9. Said farewell to a good friend of mine. Hopefully we shall meet again.
10. Joined and dropped put of organizing committee for an event in school.
11. Joined the committee for Emerge NEON 2012 .
12. Had a good 3 months of reflection and life decisions made.

It has been a fun three months since I last blogged. My family is healthy. My sisters are still hilarious. My mum got me through a tough moment. I do believe it was really tough, but it wasn’t my toughest moment yet. If I can go through a break-down of relationships with different people without sitting down to wallow, I know my strength isn’t my own. I thank God for strength, and for making me encounter someone to help me through.

Just a sneak peek of what’s ahead for me.

Oh, and in an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle,
And of-course, 😉 NEW RELATIONSHIPS.
Cheers to the last half of the weekend!
This post (above) was done in the first half of 2012. I am proud of my 20year old self. And I strive to be a better her. So focused FTW. Everything she anticipated, she got! The new relationships though…………..((sigh)) We are working on it. 😉

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