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Regroup Part1

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I have been swamped.

Not very literally but my mind has been thinking about alot of projects and self-development ventures I am aching to do. I always believe that any desire/passion/want fizzles out in time. So I really want to act now. No slacking, No procrastination, No abandoning projetcs half-way. It is do or (well-not ‘die’ per se)….but its now or never!

There are 2 problems – huge freaking boulders standing in my way though.

1. My day-job. I am at work from 8-5pm++ every day. The traffic to-and-from my work place to the Nairobi CBD is horrible like every single day, then I have to connect and commute until home. 2 hours on average everyday are spent commuting. (what a waste!!)

And, it’s not like I can take out my laptop and start working on my project or website from the bus. If I do, EVERYONE on the bus will be like,

ImageYes. This is NY for you. Nairobi Yetu.

So, -can’t work while commuting, -reach home, -eat, -pass out! Sleep for 2 minutes(6 hours), and back to the routine. May I please just mention at this point in time, I HATE ROUTINE. I can do routine for long periods of time, but it totally brings out the worst in me. Routine is boring. I should change it up. So I came up with options.

  • Coffee. Work on my personal projects. Sleep for less than 4 hours. 
  • Use my office time to work on my personal projects. Get discovered due to the large BW I use for client emails and to download pictures for my website. Get fired.
  • Resign and have a really hard time until the project picks up.
  • Die.

This is Tough.

2. My upcoming post-grad venture.

Hey, YOU who goes to school, and have an m-pesa, and own a clothing store at Jamia Mall, and operate a chain of taxi’s, and do web design, and host 3 TV shows, and travel to see their girlfriend who lives in Tanzania, and go to Mombasa to check on the shipments for clothes, and HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE (I think I just described one of my #oomf)….yea You!! How do you do it?

Seriously. Email me at missevabrenda (at) gmail (dot) com

I am not yet 25…not even 23 yet!!! And look at what Kenyan 23 year-olds are doing. cc. @georgiendirangu… Sigh


Plan-conquer-my-dreams is in the works. That BMW isn’t going to buy itself… I mean, look at it.


*goes back to work*

*apologises for the long post*

*goes back to work*


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