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69~ Questions. [PG 16]

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Is there a setting where I can censor this post? Lol. Hopefully my readers won’t be negatively influenced by anything in this post.

Disclaimer: All actions mentioned herewith were done by an adult female of sane mind.


1: Who is your 5th last text message from, and what does it say?

My MSc. Project Management classmate a day ago, telling me there are no samosas in the canteen. 😦

2: What is the last song you listened to?

Jehovah, You are the Most High.

3: Do you have any tattoo’s or plan to get any?

No, I don’t.

4: What kind of phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy Ace, white.

5: If you could eat one food and never gain any weight from it, what would it be?


6: What are your plans for the weekend?

My sister’s ROM (Registration Of Marriage) and then my best friends’ sister’s Traditional Marriage Ceremony.

7: What are your 7 most played songs on itunes?

I don’t have Itunes. But I have recently been listening to Hillsong compilations on

8: If you could have one night with any celebrity who would it be?

Oprah. And I would carry a notebook.

9: Who was your last kiss?

My boyfriend. MO.

10: Have you ever drank alcohol?


11: Are you failing a class?

No. No. No. No. I don’t ‘try to fail’ any class. Do people do that?

12: Have you ever smoked?

I plead the fifth. (aaaand, I just made it obvious). It is a nasty habit.

13: Whats your favourite Christmas music?

The Mariah Carey Christmas album is BOMB.

14: What is your natural hair like?


15: Have you ever had sex?


16: Have you ever played a drinking game?

Oh Yes.

17: When was the last time you cried?

I don’t remember.

18: Have you ever cried because of a haircut?

No, and I’ve had 3 of those.

19: Have you ever peed outside?

Yes. (*covers face)

20: Have you ever met someone famous?

Famous is relative. In my opinion, I haven’t.

21: If you could kiss someone right now, who would it be?

My boyfriend. MO.

22: What concerts have you been to?

None. Bleurgh.

23: Is there something else you should be doing right now?

Yes. But, I’m enjoying this more.

24: Have you ever kissed a member of the same sex?

I kiss everyone I love. Kisses for you, Kisses for you, Kisses for everyone!!

25: Have you ever “sexted” someone?

Not successfully. I’m very awkward.

26: How many people have you made out with?

Again, I’m awkward. So, let’s not go there.

27: What’s your favourite genre of music?

Jazz and Rhythm & Blues

28: What’s your favourite type of movies?


29: Ideal date?

Dinner and a movie.

30: Do you like cuddling?


31: What’s your favourite store?

Guess. No, don’t guess…. It’s Guess.

32: Would you rather go to a party or go on a quiet date?

A quiet date.

33: What do you spend most of your money on?

Food. :-/

34: What’s on your bucket list?

Travelling the world.

35: Where’s one place you want to have sex?

Nowhere,ewww, no! lol

36: Have you ever showered with someone else?


37: Who was the last person to give you butterflies?

My boyfriend. MO.

38: When was the last time you felt truly happy?

About 2 months ago.

39: Do you prefer hanging out with the same or opposite sex?


40: Who do you do the craziest things with?

My boyfriend. MO ——-(yes, now I’m just copy-pasting)

41: Addiction?

Sour candy.

42: Have you ever failed a test?


43: Have you ever kissed the last person you texted?


44: What colour is your underwear?

Which underwear?


(mind out of the gutter, mind out of the gutter…. mind out of the gutter!!)


I mean, is it ta-ta underwear or chuchu underwear?

45: Relationship status?

In a relationship.

46: Are there any songs that remind you of anyone?


47: Wat lyrics apply to your current mood?

All of Demi Lovato’s song lyrics.

48: One of your insecurities?

None comes to mind.

49: What do you want to name your kids?

Names that start with A or Z

50: If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

In my bed, oh blessed bed.

51: Who is someone that never fails to make you smile?

My boyfriend, MO.

52: Have you ever skinny dipped?


53: Have you ever played knickey knickey nine doors?


54: Do you keep your room clean?


55: Have you ever snuck out of the house?


56: Is there someone you’ll always have feelings for?

My boyfriend, MO.

57: Where have you traveled?

I’ve been to Uganda, Tanzania, Malaysia and Singapore.

58: Would you ever have a 3some?


59: What’s your dream job?

Being a manager and soccer mum.

60: What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Yet. My Engineering degree.

61: Do you prefer Christmas or your birthday?

My birthday.

62: Is there someone you want but can’t have?

No. (A baby?) No? 😀

63: Boxers or briefs?

Boxer briefs.

64: Thongs or granny panties?

Grannnyyyyy Pannnniiiiees.

65: Do you eat healthy?

Yes. Most of the time anyway.

66: What’s one place you want to travel to?


67: Who’s someone you miss?

(copy-paste)—– My boyfriend, MO.

68: If you could have sex with anyone in the world who would it be?


69: Story of your last kiss?

I don’t kiss and tell. 🙂


In Retrospect

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It’s October already?

BradshawOMGThou must be kidding me! This year is flying by so fast. Too fast. Way too fast. Way friggin fast. *breathe*


I want to look back. Tried to decide between “Hindsight” and “Retrospect”. Googled them.

Insert quote of the month:


Retrospect was more relevant to the musings that I want to muse about. 🙂 So, I’m looking back. We all love looking back, right? The whole ‘started from the botttom…’


*****(Shit, now the song is stuck in my head)

In retrospect, if I hadn’t eaten too much Blueband from the tin (yes tin), I would probably not gag everytime I taste it now. Yuck!


In retrospect, if I had taken the public transport from primary school in the evenings, I wouldn’t be such a walker (Walker: Person who loves walking) NO?

I love walking. I honestly believe if I hadn’t trekked so much in the Mombasa sun circa 2000 when I was in middle school, I wouldn’t have much tolerance for it now. I mean, I could always go to the  gym for my exercise, but I prefer a brisk walk in the early morning/evening.

In retrospect, if I hadn’t gone to Limuru Girls’ High School, I would never have met my best friend, and I would never have met her current boyfriend, and I would never have met his best friend, who is currently my boyfriend!!!

In retrospect, I would never have thought that this connection would be so long drawn and so rewarding. I met her, she met him, he had a best friend since high school, I met him, we fell in love. That’s a pretty awesome beginning to a love story!

In restrospect I would never, NEVER have imagined that I would have such great relationships with my sisters, my friends, my employers, my inanimate objects..etc. I don’t know why I figured very early on in life, that a dysfunctional family is ‘normal’. So as I grew up I was very pessimistic about a whole lot of things. These things that I was pessimistic about were all founded on the fact that relationships all end up in shit. God is my only friend.

I literally thought the world  was doomed to failed relationships, broken marriages and dysfuntional families. God forbid I thought that I was going to be alone and miserable. I believed that all powerful women had proven that you don’t need a man. (Shoot, I think I was a a feminist back then??). But boy, was I proven wrong. The best unexpected friendships, inside and outside of work have totally happened to me. And one important life lesson I have learnt is that all the friends that we have, except for family, are there for a season only. It is inevitable that one day the paths we all choose will not be parallel anymore. And cue the long drawn silences, and the “we should meet, it’s been like a year!” and the need to find a new ‘clique’ because you are no longer in a great rapport with the old friend’s new girlfriend/wife. Then we move on. It’s the circle of life.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have planned out so many aspects of my young adult life(University). I have realised that those days were the most ‘convenient’ times to make all the mistakes, to explore the world, to create plans and wait for God to confirm them. Those days are the most memorable days of my life and even when my human brain ceases to contain those memories, the lessons I learnt will remain with me forever.
2/15/12 9:05 AM


In retrospect, I am so blessed. So so blessed. I have never been a ‘victim’. In whatever situation facing manking today, I have never been a victim. Though women are battered, abused, torn from their families, imprisoned, diseased, bedridden, name any other societally ‘bad’ situation. I thank God for shielding me from the pain of being a victim. I think that victims are way stronger than non-victims, but that is just my opinion. And even though I know that bad and good experiences mould your character in a way that no parent could, I am still very very grateful to God for His mercy upon my life.


Welcome October. I hope that In *2032 I will be able to look back at this time in my life in retrospect and respect the decisions that I made for myself and my future.


May the odds be in my favour.

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