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In Retrospect

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It’s October already?

BradshawOMGThou must be kidding me! This year is flying by so fast. Too fast. Way too fast. Way friggin fast. *breathe*


I want to look back. Tried to decide between “Hindsight” and “Retrospect”. Googled them.

Insert quote of the month:


Retrospect was more relevant to the musings that I want to muse about. 🙂 So, I’m looking back. We all love looking back, right? The whole ‘started from the botttom…’


*****(Shit, now the song is stuck in my head)

In retrospect, if I hadn’t eaten too much Blueband from the tin (yes tin), I would probably not gag everytime I taste it now. Yuck!


In retrospect, if I had taken the public transport from primary school in the evenings, I wouldn’t be such a walker (Walker: Person who loves walking) NO?

I love walking. I honestly believe if I hadn’t trekked so much in the Mombasa sun circa 2000 when I was in middle school, I wouldn’t have much tolerance for it now. I mean, I could always go to the  gym for my exercise, but I prefer a brisk walk in the early morning/evening.

In retrospect, if I hadn’t gone to Limuru Girls’ High School, I would never have met my best friend, and I would never have met her current boyfriend, and I would never have met his best friend, who is currently my boyfriend!!!

In retrospect, I would never have thought that this connection would be so long drawn and so rewarding. I met her, she met him, he had a best friend since high school, I met him, we fell in love. That’s a pretty awesome beginning to a love story!

In restrospect I would never, NEVER have imagined that I would have such great relationships with my sisters, my friends, my employers, my inanimate objects..etc. I don’t know why I figured very early on in life, that a dysfunctional family is ‘normal’. So as I grew up I was very pessimistic about a whole lot of things. These things that I was pessimistic about were all founded on the fact that relationships all end up in shit. God is my only friend.

I literally thought the world  was doomed to failed relationships, broken marriages and dysfuntional families. God forbid I thought that I was going to be alone and miserable. I believed that all powerful women had proven that you don’t need a man. (Shoot, I think I was a a feminist back then??). But boy, was I proven wrong. The best unexpected friendships, inside and outside of work have totally happened to me. And one important life lesson I have learnt is that all the friends that we have, except for family, are there for a season only. It is inevitable that one day the paths we all choose will not be parallel anymore. And cue the long drawn silences, and the “we should meet, it’s been like a year!” and the need to find a new ‘clique’ because you are no longer in a great rapport with the old friend’s new girlfriend/wife. Then we move on. It’s the circle of life.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have planned out so many aspects of my young adult life(University). I have realised that those days were the most ‘convenient’ times to make all the mistakes, to explore the world, to create plans and wait for God to confirm them. Those days are the most memorable days of my life and even when my human brain ceases to contain those memories, the lessons I learnt will remain with me forever.
2/15/12 9:05 AM


In retrospect, I am so blessed. So so blessed. I have never been a ‘victim’. In whatever situation facing manking today, I have never been a victim. Though women are battered, abused, torn from their families, imprisoned, diseased, bedridden, name any other societally ‘bad’ situation. I thank God for shielding me from the pain of being a victim. I think that victims are way stronger than non-victims, but that is just my opinion. And even though I know that bad and good experiences mould your character in a way that no parent could, I am still very very grateful to God for His mercy upon my life.


Welcome October. I hope that In *2032 I will be able to look back at this time in my life in retrospect and respect the decisions that I made for myself and my future.


May the odds be in my favour.


Easter Bunny Gift

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I decided to give a gift this Easter. Yes, people should give gifts at every single opportunity. It is about 5 days to my twin’s birthday.

Ok, let’s rewind. I have 2 sisters. One in high school. And the other one is a working lady.

In high School, I met my ‘twin’. We both wore spectacles, we were short and loved to smile all the time. Teachers and pupils alike gradually gave up trying to tell us apart. I remember especially the Computer Studies teacher always calling me her name, and her mine. It was super funny, seeing as we had no blood relation at all. We became fast friends, and developed a very cool friendship over the years. She is the one who I go to when I feel really sad, and when I am in a dilemma. She isn’t a trained counselor, but she knows me so well(A bit better than M.O. :)) and thus gives me the BEST advice.

So, I less than three ( ❤ ) my twin so much. She is my best girlfriend ever. So, the Gift is hers. We are all taking a vacation on this Easter weekend. I have been dying for a vacation even though I have been doing zero physical work. I hope that we all have a great time in Mombasa. Mombasa is awesome btw. I used to stay there so I know.

It’s a 4 day break. A break is always good. Take a breather. Go and sit with your grandma. Buy your better half a small gift, or better yet, just write him/her a small message and put it in an Easter Egg. 🙂

Happy Holy Week folks!

Regroup Part1

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I have been swamped.

Not very literally but my mind has been thinking about alot of projects and self-development ventures I am aching to do. I always believe that any desire/passion/want fizzles out in time. So I really want to act now. No slacking, No procrastination, No abandoning projetcs half-way. It is do or (well-not ‘die’ per se)….but its now or never!

There are 2 problems – huge freaking boulders standing in my way though.

1. My day-job. I am at work from 8-5pm++ every day. The traffic to-and-from my work place to the Nairobi CBD is horrible like every single day, then I have to connect and commute until home. 2 hours on average everyday are spent commuting. (what a waste!!)

And, it’s not like I can take out my laptop and start working on my project or website from the bus. If I do, EVERYONE on the bus will be like,

ImageYes. This is NY for you. Nairobi Yetu.

So, -can’t work while commuting, -reach home, -eat, -pass out! Sleep for 2 minutes(6 hours), and back to the routine. May I please just mention at this point in time, I HATE ROUTINE. I can do routine for long periods of time, but it totally brings out the worst in me. Routine is boring. I should change it up. So I came up with options.

  • Coffee. Work on my personal projects. Sleep for less than 4 hours. 
  • Use my office time to work on my personal projects. Get discovered due to the large BW I use for client emails and to download pictures for my website. Get fired.
  • Resign and have a really hard time until the project picks up.
  • Die.

This is Tough.

2. My upcoming post-grad venture.

Hey, YOU who goes to school, and have an m-pesa, and own a clothing store at Jamia Mall, and operate a chain of taxi’s, and do web design, and host 3 TV shows, and travel to see their girlfriend who lives in Tanzania, and go to Mombasa to check on the shipments for clothes, and HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE (I think I just described one of my #oomf)….yea You!! How do you do it?

Seriously. Email me at missevabrenda (at) gmail (dot) com

I am not yet 25…not even 23 yet!!! And look at what Kenyan 23 year-olds are doing. cc. @georgiendirangu… Sigh


Plan-conquer-my-dreams is in the works. That BMW isn’t going to buy itself… I mean, look at it.


*goes back to work*

*apologises for the long post*

*goes back to work*

Inspiration 101

Bey and JayThe reason I work hard, and the reason I want a hardworking husband. So that OUR future is secure, and strong Together.

They Inspire me to that end….

It is a choice!

It is a choice!


Tuesday Black&White fav

Tuesday Black&White fav

That Kinda Love

2013 SoFar

At the beginning of this year/end of last year, I set some pretty solid resolutions for myself. I also came up with a Personal Development plan and wrote it down.

Tip 1: Always write down your resolutions. In a notebook, on your tablet, on your wall, make it into a  picture/graphic collage kinda thing and set it as your wallpaper.

As I grow up, I realize that some little commitments that we make to ourselves, matter much more than any commitment we make with any other person. It is, however, easier to maintain a commitment to someone else, because there is a whole other person you are accountable to. Keeping a promise to yourself is easy to dismiss, because you can justify you to yourself very easily. It takes a simple 2 minute debate in your head. You win either way.

So what will it take for us to sit down, look at our goals and targets for ourselves, and actually make ourselves do it. Making Me accountable for/to Me. Knowing that no justification or circumstance should ever deter me from fulfilling my commitment to Me.

I’m still working on focusing on achieving my written down plans in 2013.

Tip 2: Never let circumstances determine your success. Circumstances WILL change. Adapt and create the circumstance you need to furnish your success.

This is one of the most vital lessons I have learnt this January. A mentor/partner is always good in helping you determine the ways to achieve and own your success.

Keep working. Keep dreaming. Keep learning.

The human brain is capable of so much more than we imagine. We limit ourselves way too often.  I don’t know how much inspiration I can give, and to whom, but the little I can, I will.

Tip 3: Dress the way you’d like to be addressed.

I need a wardrobe upgrade. It is about that time. In order to create a brand, whether personal or for you and your partner, you need to have a certain image you portray. Work on it. Develop it. Then create a brand. The brand will be based on what you want to immediately pop into someone’s head when your name comes up. It may be your talent, it may be your restaurant, your designs, your physical appearance or even your sexual orientation. With a brand you got to be creative. Anything goes, but you have got to maintain that brand for it to be successful.

Tip 4: All the above tips are notes to self.


p.s: All the notes I have written are random things I have jotted down in my notebook from listening to young CEO’s and entrepreneurs. (listening, i.e, ‘reading’ their social forums and literally listening at social gatherings). All this wisdom is all around you. Just listen, will ya?

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