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How do we STOP rapists. Can rape totally be eliminated?


4/6/12 1:01 AM

So, as today would be the perfect day to blog this, because my day was long and tedious. So, generally it is my fault for postponing stuff for so long but, oh well, life goes on. 

So, lemme start at 12a.m, I had just come back from Nilai Talent Night which was a blast thanks to the hardworking crew of LO Tomorrow club led by Mike, Jonah, and mates. So, I got home with a headache the size of Northern and Southern Sudan before they split, and I was super hungry. So after a debate with myself over Crash vs. Eat something first, I decided to eat something first. So, open the fridge, surf, analyse, close the fridge. Tea and biscuits it is. And it was.

So, I drank the tea and biscuits, while anticipating my soaked jelly beans. Ref to and the post below:


So, after savoring the gummy bears, though they were not so sweet anymore, I decided to watch family guy!((instead of working on my project!)). I fell asleep quite quickly after that. I set my alarm for 9.07am, but I jerked awake at 7.45am, then 8.22am. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just browsed until 9.10 or thereabout, then I went and bathed, did my 50 crunches in the shower(soooooo relaxing). I browsed some more, then, started on my VHDL report. I did almost all of it before packing all my project equipment and rushing off to school. 

Upon reaching school, i swiftly got to work, and after moments of despair and almost giving up, I managed to solve a problem in my VB.NET programming. As one of my classmates, T commented that I was now a pro with VB.NET *smiles to self*. Thank you Google!

Oh, and my lecturer conviniently pointed out that I had done next weeks work, and not the one due. So I compromised and begged her not to reduce my marks. We’ll see.

Later one of my classmates and good friends came to help me prepare my PCB board, and we took over 2 hours for something I thought would take 30minutes. He was so so precise! Anyway, so at around 5pm, i dipped my board into the acid and it was supposed to take over one hour for the process to be complete. So here I am, praying that my God would quicken the process. 6pm—>lab closes.. Here I am still praying. Then Mr.Kindhearted lab supervisor says “Its okay! I’ll wait..” *hugs him in my head* *tightens hug* After I mumble a ‘thank you’, I start the thank you prayers to God. See He doesn’t always work in the way we anticipate. He’s awesome like that.

So, after overstaying and remaining in the lab alone for 50 minutes extra, I finally finish. With cold hands, and a half done list of to do’s, I drag my feet back home. I think of having a sandwich for dinner, so I drag myself a bit further(even almost missed the turn cos I wasn’t looking) and go to the local grocery/convenience store and buy 3 buns. I reach home barely open the door, even almost missed my neighbor’s greeting even though he was right next to me!

I sit down, put my phone on the charger, (Darn BB battery) then I hang out with my housemates, oohing and getting giggly over some boys that have been making our lives all swoon and mushy. 


The rest of the day was spent with a very close friend who deserves a separate post. I know that God doesn’t work with coincidences and right now, I am happy to have found this friend to help me deal with some things and distract me from feeling bad and wallowing in my emotions. He/she is really a fine person.


That’s all. Every single day of mine is kinda unique and its special to have people around me that care and give me the wake up calls I need when I need them.

3/28/12 9:35 PM

2. 10 likes and dislikes


Lets start with the likes.

In no specific order, and with random subjects, here goes,


  • I like chocolate, a lot. 
  • I like guys/men/males just in case there was any doubt.
  • I like water. I drink it like a fish. (Do fish actually drink the water?)
  • I like a good laugh. 
  • I like short vacations, I get bored easily.
  • I like travelling via air  -something about being up there is so relaxing.
  • I like snap backs.
  • I like heels.
  • I like all sweet things.
  • I like cuddling and hugging.


Now the dislikes,

  • I dislike spiders and snakes.
  • I dislike party poopers. (If u meant to be a buzz-kill, why come all the way to the party?)
  • I dislike grumblers and complainers. (Get over it already!)
  • I dislike cold food.
  • I dislike foul language, if it is uncalled for.
  • I dislike drunks.
  • I dislike petty people. (Those people who make you go like, “Are you serious right now? Really?”)
  • I dislike quitters.
  • I dislike fighting, any violence of any sort really.
  • I dislike wastage.


Those are the tip of an iceberg. I like a lot more things. I like appreciating the little things, so all little things which made me smile, would make the list.  

ION, Presentation is coming up, and I am quite relaxed. 0.o good or bad?

3/27/12 11:28 PM

This was a random post I found while going through my favorite Tumblr’s.



So, Today will be my (0,0) / point of origin / starting point.

–>Write some basic things about yourself.


Funny thing, I was asked this exact question by a new friend of mine called Mr. S, yesterday night.

In no specific order here goes,


a. I am a Capricorn, I like to bear the tag but I do not believe in horoscopes.

b. I am a spiritual person.

c. I prefer peace and quiet to rowdiness, although there is a time and place for both.

d. I have more male friends than female friends(Refer to earlier post here)

e. I love sleeping. My record is 24 hours, and no, I wasn’t hammered.

f. I love my siblings to death.(I had talked about it here)

g. I am doing my first degree in Engineering.

h. I get easily irritated but rarely express it verbally.

g. Anger and temper are foreign to me, thank God!

h. I don’t like cheese.

i. I am a sweats and t-shirt kinda girl.

j. I am in love with fruits, all sweets, cakes and spicy food.

k. My favorite past time is definitely hanging out with my friends.

l. I adapt very easily.

m. I don’t like arguing.

n. My worst fear is failure.

o. Maths has always been my best subject.

p. I dream big, and I am working to achieving each one of my dreams.

q. I heart shoes. They are my favorite item of clothing.

r. I love a good adventure. I am trying to get out more in this year 2012.

s. I have so many pet peeves, but I have learnt that you cant control whats being done sometimes.

t. I am a smiley person.

u. I am a thinker.

v. I do not hate smokers and drinkers because most of my friends are. I do, however detest drunkards and people who smoke even when their lungs are black as charcoal, because its just stupid!


Lemme stop there. I think I just started on the Day 2 post and I am looking forward to it already. 🙂

Until tomorrow.. *peace sign*

3/1/12 9:03 PM

By cries, I mean, tears-cries. Its been a long winding 3.5 years for my degree. I was initially supposed to go only 3 years, but we cannot plan failure can we? I keep on getting the weirdest wake-up calls to buck up and work a bit harder until I finish. Like yesterday, I wrote this test, which left me totes flabbergasted. I mean, it was my fault because I didn’t study for it, and I felt like crap after it. You know the crap that’s always underneath all the other crap. That crap LVL is what I felt. Despair.

But, hey, we learn from our mistakes and moving on!! The next attempt should be on point. No procrastinating, No assuming the simplicity of engineering. (Why did I ever?)


I will soon be an engineer. At least that’s my goal. But, I gotta make it happen the right way. No more dulling. Laziness SHINDWE!


Engineering is kinda kicking my tush, but I plan on kicking its own even harder before I leave Uni. 5 more months in this place, gotta watch this space. :-/

2/15/12 9:05 AM

I have had numerous ‘periods’ of cravings, ranging from a week craving carrots, to a month on Nata-De-coco. Now, it has elevated, am almost at a month of having my-tongue-wants-to-taste cake.


I have tried to curb the craving by eating pasta and sandwiches, but it isn’t helping(Ehm, was it supposed to help???) Face palm. I also tried looking at cakes on the net..



..and drawing them, and even eating some, lakini craving haiishi! (the craving isn’t ending!) Argh! Argkh!

Then, I love this tart with cream and strawberries. I need the recipe. Oh, and an oven. *the life of a student. fml.


Oh, and just before I go get myself a piece of American chocolate cake(loading on the calories) I do love fruits. Like, I would die eating fruits. This combination is just genius.



Happy belated Valentines. I didn’t even do the long distance version. Eish, where’s that chocolate cake and my tea? 

2/15/12 8:42 AM

I really like bragging about my family, and this is going to be one of those posts.



I was born in 1991. it seems like such a long way off. I had a big sister B, and she was my rock, i used to hold her hand everywhere. I love her so so much, only second to my mum who was my number one. You see, me and my mummy have this love-love relationship. Rarely do we clash heads, if we do, I would end up apologising. Yes, only me. So we were the threesome up to 1998, me, B and mummy.  Oh, and  my paps. Heeheehee. About that, I have a very traditional relationship with my father. We keep a respectful distance, I almost kneel when he comes back home, cook for him when he needs food, and basically do daughter stuff that doesn’t involve going to the park, playing ball and eating lollies with my dad. I just cannot see that happening. I don’t think I’ve ever had a daddy-daughter moment. Its not how we operate. That is our family dynamic. Then, my mum and dad discuss everything that regards us, and when my mum isn’t around, they will still talk about it first. I love that dynamic, cos if there’s a beauty in us being closer and more personal with mummy.


Back to the nuclear family tree, in 1998, as if by surprise, I was 7 years old and someone was going to join our family. That baby bump! 0.o I don’t really remember asking where the baby came from, but I know I was super excited for a baby brother/sister. Of course everyone thought it would be a boy. Well, it was a girl!! Yeay! I was excited waiting for dad and mum to come back from the hospital, and me and B were saying silly things I swear, we didn’t even make sense, like how small her toes were and her gums and weird weird stuff. Then we just sat there in silence imagining the reality of the new addition to our family.


Then there was a key jingling at the door. We literally JUMPED up and in slow jerkycuriousnervous movements we walked toward the door as my dad opened the door with the precious little bundle in his arms and a load of baby bags. She was soooo “Awwwwww’. My mum sat down with her and we all cooed and aaaa-ed, and touched and peeked and almost cried at her presence. She was so beautiful. Her name is E. So me, B and E became the 3 sisters. She was forced to grow up quicker, well because there was such a big age gap. I remember my mum ALWAYS saying, she is a lot younger than you guys, stop treating her like that, she can’t do that, its a bit too much for her…etc. But E is a star, I love the relationship we have. She is talkative, outgoing and quite confident when she needs to be. I on the other hand, am an introvert, with little or nothing to say most of the time and I used to be super quiet. B is quite talkative and very sociable. We are the perfect blend. Funny thing, me, B and my mum are all about 5’1 and we all wear the same shoe size, we all have a large waist to hip ratio….you know like this —> 8 . Yes! Thank you Jesus. People always confuse us for sisters just because my mum looks so young. 🙂


I love love my holidays with the family. All of them have been unique, and I do mean ALL!


From as far as I can remember, we have been in a different part of Kenya every December holiday. No extravagant gift giving or caroling, we just do road trip trivia and beautiful destinations. 



I thank God for my paps who always makes sure we never spend the holidays at home. Well I love my family, more that the next person, and a lil’ bit less than I love my God. They are the only people who are capable of making me cry, seriously speaking. (Yes, I do not cry over boy problems, or over my nails, or my hair, or any of those important things.)


As I said in this post here I am very open, but there are hidden details like our real names and where we go for vacation. I don’t really crave the stalker experience so I shall keep to ‘names have been changed to protect their privacy’. If you know me then you know who am talking about. 


That’s my family, they make me who I am, and they put the teeth in my smile. 

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