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The other day I was walking along Tom Mboya Street just behind archives. I usually take a jav(matatu/mathree/daladala) from this damned street to work everyday. I wish I had a car. But, I thank God for this little patience phenomenon called ‘baby-steps’. One day I will own my BMW or Audi. But not this year. Maybe the next.

Back to Tom Mboya street. I am clutching onto my bag hard, because, I really hate the process of replacing my i.d, atm cards, nssf number card, insurance card, club membership cards, and my Jimmy Choo wallet. And my note book. Oh my word! If I could ask for anything back from a robber, it would be my hard cover notebook! It is my life, my plans, my dreams, my work. My precious notebook. I love it more than I love fries. Seeing that replacing such items would be a hustle, and for the notebook, irreplaceable, I wouldn’t want it stolen now would I?

So, I am clutching onto my bag, while listening to Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors. (Good God that song is amazing! o_o). And I am keen on observing my surrounding as I walk. I nonchalantly watch as a pretty middle-aged woman pulls up at the Odeon Cinema in her Vitz(it was a miniature beetle-like car so let’s call it a Vitz) She parked and her young daughter jumped out of the car. She then proceeded to pick her handbag, clutching onto it for dear life(it’s a thing huh?) and closed her door. As she fumbled with her keys and thoughts to lock the door, a well-dressed man approached her.

Well dressed man: Habari yako mama? (How are you ma’am?)

Lady: Mzuri. (Good) [concentrating on locking her car and putting her keys into her bag]

Well dressed man: Mzuri. Mzuri. (Good. Good.) [calmly reaches for her side mirror and begins to methodically detach it from her car]

I mean, the guy wasn’t even trying to hurry up. Daylight robbery in full sight of the owner of the car and her daughter. The lady quickly grabbed her daughter and stood by, shell-shocked. Everyone around them seemed to be about their duties like nothing was happening. I slowed down my walking pace and Justin Timberlake seemed to fade into the background as all this unfolded before my eyes. I quickly glanced around for the Saviour in this particular scene, but there was none. No one even bothered.

Nairobbery. #thumbsdown #fail #phuckyoliving #sowrong #notcool

We are all sitting ducks. (well, walking if you are walking) in this town, esp. the back streets and bus-stations. I am not afraid. God is my protector. But my Note-book. WEH! iCan’t. iWillNot. iAmUnwillingToCan.

Thieves/Robbers/Pickpockets/Snatchers God is watching you.

Be safe people.

My number one tip for a robbery incident, If you get a chance to leave safely, go for it. Ego trips ain’t worth your life. (>>>Men!) Let it go.




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~Midweek Smiles courtesy of this meme!

Yes, It is MIDWEEK. This week ends on Thursday yo!



Easter Bunny Gift

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I decided to give a gift this Easter. Yes, people should give gifts at every single opportunity. It is about 5 days to my twin’s birthday.

Ok, let’s rewind. I have 2 sisters. One in high school. And the other one is a working lady.

In high School, I met my ‘twin’. We both wore spectacles, we were short and loved to smile all the time. Teachers and pupils alike gradually gave up trying to tell us apart. I remember especially the Computer Studies teacher always calling me her name, and her mine. It was super funny, seeing as we had no blood relation at all. We became fast friends, and developed a very cool friendship over the years. She is the one who I go to when I feel really sad, and when I am in a dilemma. She isn’t a trained counselor, but she knows me so well(A bit better than M.O. :)) and thus gives me the BEST advice.

So, I less than three ( ❤ ) my twin so much. She is my best girlfriend ever. So, the Gift is hers. We are all taking a vacation on this Easter weekend. I have been dying for a vacation even though I have been doing zero physical work. I hope that we all have a great time in Mombasa. Mombasa is awesome btw. I used to stay there so I know.

It’s a 4 day break. A break is always good. Take a breather. Go and sit with your grandma. Buy your better half a small gift, or better yet, just write him/her a small message and put it in an Easter Egg. 🙂

Happy Holy Week folks!

Regroup Part1

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I have been swamped.

Not very literally but my mind has been thinking about alot of projects and self-development ventures I am aching to do. I always believe that any desire/passion/want fizzles out in time. So I really want to act now. No slacking, No procrastination, No abandoning projetcs half-way. It is do or (well-not ‘die’ per se)….but its now or never!

There are 2 problems – huge freaking boulders standing in my way though.

1. My day-job. I am at work from 8-5pm++ every day. The traffic to-and-from my work place to the Nairobi CBD is horrible like every single day, then I have to connect and commute until home. 2 hours on average everyday are spent commuting. (what a waste!!)

And, it’s not like I can take out my laptop and start working on my project or website from the bus. If I do, EVERYONE on the bus will be like,

ImageYes. This is NY for you. Nairobi Yetu.

So, -can’t work while commuting, -reach home, -eat, -pass out! Sleep for 2 minutes(6 hours), and back to the routine. May I please just mention at this point in time, I HATE ROUTINE. I can do routine for long periods of time, but it totally brings out the worst in me. Routine is boring. I should change it up. So I came up with options.

  • Coffee. Work on my personal projects. Sleep for less than 4 hours. 
  • Use my office time to work on my personal projects. Get discovered due to the large BW I use for client emails and to download pictures for my website. Get fired.
  • Resign and have a really hard time until the project picks up.
  • Die.

This is Tough.

2. My upcoming post-grad venture.

Hey, YOU who goes to school, and have an m-pesa, and own a clothing store at Jamia Mall, and operate a chain of taxi’s, and do web design, and host 3 TV shows, and travel to see their girlfriend who lives in Tanzania, and go to Mombasa to check on the shipments for clothes, and HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE (I think I just described one of my #oomf)….yea You!! How do you do it?

Seriously. Email me at missevabrenda (at) gmail (dot) com

I am not yet 25…not even 23 yet!!! And look at what Kenyan 23 year-olds are doing. cc. @georgiendirangu… Sigh


Plan-conquer-my-dreams is in the works. That BMW isn’t going to buy itself… I mean, look at it.


*goes back to work*

*apologises for the long post*

*goes back to work*

Beginnings and Delays

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My Life! >_<

In other news, our 4th president will be announced today? (highly unlikely!)

In  other other news, Joker and I are working on a project together. My first small but major project and I am doing it with my best friend. I am nervous and excited. Also, recording it here will help keep us on our toes. By the end of 2013, I should have pictures and some substantial experience in the relevant Kenyan market, so watch this space!

It’s Friday.

Be safe.

Get a designated driver.

Keep hydrated.

The C-word. (Keep it wrapped UP)



Be merry.

Have a crazy weekend folks! 🙂



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Elections_KE 2013 musings.

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The past 4 days have been ‘Election Days’ so to speak in KE. The mood has been a peacefully-tense one for lack of a better word. The remnants of a bloody Post-Election are still fresh in the minds and hearts of those who were affected. In the spirit of keeping the peace there has been a huge restraint in expressing views vis-à-vis the slow lines, malfunction of BVR kits, inefficiency in translation of results electronically and the abrupt change to manual counting on Wednesday afternoon. Kenyans are para-phrasing, holding back, logging off social media, just to avoid confrontation and expression of ‘negative views’ so to speak. But can views be negative? Can any expression which is perceived as negative be necessarily redundant? Just wondering. I applaud Kenyans for preaching peace and keeping it. It really is (should be) the best thing to do in an election scenario.

On that note, I was a first time voter. The permanent marker on my hand has lasted about 4 days.


I admit I didn’t know 3 out of 6 people that I voted for. And by ‘know’ I mean I hadn’t even researched about the candidates online. Clueless. So I chose the women candidates. (feminist alert!). No, I am NOT a feminist. Maybe a little!

It was a great day in the life of a first-time voter. I have subsequently been following up on the TV election results via and   🙂

We still await the results so the hashtags #KenyaDecides and #Decision2013 still apply. I am proud to be Kenyan, very excited to get a new fourth Prez.

By the way, my new twitter handle is @evabrenda_ (with an underscore at the end) . Follow me? Then say hello!

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