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In Retrospect

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It’s October already?

BradshawOMGThou must be kidding me! This year is flying by so fast. Too fast. Way too fast. Way friggin fast. *breathe*


I want to look back. Tried to decide between “Hindsight” and “Retrospect”. Googled them.

Insert quote of the month:


Retrospect was more relevant to the musings that I want to muse about. ūüôā So, I’m looking back. We all love looking back, right? The whole ‘started from the botttom…’


*****(Shit, now the song is stuck in my head)

In retrospect, if I hadn’t eaten too much Blueband from the tin (yes tin), I would probably not gag everytime I taste it now. Yuck!


In retrospect, if I had taken the public transport from primary school in the evenings, I wouldn’t be such a walker (Walker: Person who loves walking) NO?

I love walking. I honestly believe if I hadn’t trekked so much in the Mombasa sun circa 2000 when I was in middle school, I wouldn’t have much tolerance for it now. I mean, I could always go to the¬† gym for my exercise, but I prefer a brisk walk in the early morning/evening.

In retrospect, if I hadn’t gone to Limuru Girls’ High School, I would never have met my best friend, and I would never have met her current boyfriend, and I would never have met his best friend, who is currently my boyfriend!!!

In retrospect, I would never have thought that this connection would be so long drawn and so rewarding. I met her, she met him, he had a best friend since high school, I met him, we fell in love. That’s a pretty awesome beginning to a love story!

In restrospect I would never, NEVER have imagined that I would have such great relationships with my sisters, my friends, my employers, my inanimate objects..etc. I don’t know why I figured very early on in life, that a dysfunctional family is ‘normal’. So as I grew up I was very pessimistic about a whole lot of things. These things that I was pessimistic about were all founded on the fact that relationships all end up in shit. God is my only friend.

I literally thought the world¬† was doomed to failed relationships, broken marriages and dysfuntional families. God forbid I thought that I was going to be alone and miserable. I believed¬†that all powerful women had proven that you don’t need a man. (Shoot, I think I was a a feminist back then??). But boy, was I proven wrong. The best unexpected friendships, inside and outside of work have totally happened to me. And one important life lesson I have¬†learnt is that all the friends that we have, except for family, are there for a season only. It is inevitable that one day the paths we all choose will not be parallel anymore. And cue the long drawn silences, and the “we should meet, it’s been like a year!” and the need to find a new ‘clique’ because you are no longer in a great rapport with the old friend’s new girlfriend/wife. Then we move on. It’s the circle of life.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have planned out so many aspects of my young adult life(University). I have realised that those days were the most ‘convenient’ times to make all the mistakes, to explore the world, to create plans and wait for God to confirm them. Those days are the most memorable days of my life and even when my human brain ceases to contain those memories, the lessons I learnt will remain with me forever.
2/15/12 9:05 AM


In retrospect, I am so blessed. So so blessed. I have never been a ‘victim’. In whatever situation facing manking today, I have never been a victim. Though women are battered, abused, torn from their families, imprisoned, diseased, bedridden, name any other societally ‘bad’ situation. I thank God for shielding me from the pain of being a victim. I think that victims are way stronger than non-victims, but that is just my opinion. And even though I know that bad and good experiences mould your character in a way that no parent could, I am still very very grateful to God for His mercy upon my life.


Welcome October. I hope that In *2032 I will be able to look back at this time in my life in retrospect and respect the decisions that I made for myself and my future.


May the odds be in my favour.


Then and Now

I’m going to reference a post I did 2 years ago. I wrote about it here.

Click and read, if you want to make any comparisons. It’s easy because I haven’t blogged much¬†over the past year.

The challenge was to ‘write some basic things about myself’ as part of the 30-day challenge:

So, in a format similar to what I did before, here we go again:

a. I love God more than I ever loved Him, a little less than I will continue to love him. His blessing never cease to amaze me.

b. I am an engineer now. I have worked as an engineer for the past 2 years, on my way to registering officially in about a year.

c. I keep a small group of friends and an even smaller group of confidants.

d. I prefer a quiet night in with friends any day.

e. I am going to be an aunty soon!!

Obama is happy

f. I have 2 piercings now, down from 3.

g. I have the most amazing experience every time I spend a day with my boyfriend. Priceless I tell you. Full of laughs and awkward moments. And he inspires me everyday.

h. I have not been to the dentist in over 10 years. O.o

i. I would love to own a farm one day. I really would.

j. I am in love with black. My closet is currently half black. ūüėÄ

k. Lemons make me very happy. Lemons rule the world. Lemon in tea. Lemon as a salad dressing. Lemon with vodka. Lemon in my fries. Lemon with avocado. ‚̧

l. I dislike waiting. I am very impatient in regards to waiting for people.

Dean Winchester Grr animated GIF

m. I am very specific about services that I pay for. Especially if a standard of service has previously been met by the provider. If I am not paying for the service,¬†I understand if you don’t meet an expectation. But if I’m paying, meet and exceed that expectaion. Please.

n. I am allergic to a lot of things, so I¬†try as much as possible not to do anything that will weaken my immune system. I’m all about the body doing it’s work for itself, and not medicine doing it’s work for it.

o. I am fully natural as we speak. Natural Hair. I have a few pictures highlighting that on my Instagram.

p. I have invested in my future more than I have ever invested in anything.

q. I have 2 undone projects at the moment. I pray that i find the courage (yes, courage) to resume these awesome ventures I came up with.

r. I love arms and abs.

s. ‘r’ again.

t. That was very superficial.

u. I like bold lip colours.¬†I have taken a liking to colour¬†after a long period of a¬†make-up free face. I hope I’ll be able to have a few MAC matte colours¬†in my collection soon.

v. The little things are still all that matter.

w. My mum makes my world go round.

x. Wardrobe overhaul needed.

y. My weight has been in an (‘x’ kg plus or minus¬†2) range and I try to eat healthy and exercise whenever I can. Health is one of those irrepleacable things. I am so grateful for good health.

z. I look forward to my future. I am excited for it. Onward and Upward!

I need to get back to blogging. So much I need to write about. The world is my playground. (well, the Internet world)

For now, everyday; I live, I love.


In this fast-paced idea of a world we have…

a) Do you stop and smile at the baby who is staring at you in a ‘Jav’?

b) Do you say, Please, Thank You, May I and Sorry in any conversation at all?

c) Do you pray for your mummy as hard as she prays for you?

d) Do you give, anyone, anything?

e) Do you tell your girl/fiancee/wife you love her? Do you show her that you do?

It takes only a minute. Maybe less. 5 things that could make you a more pleasant person to be around and to work with.

Be grateful for God created man, and man had coitus with woman, and they created you(and more beautiful ones such as this one below:)


ūüôā Be pleasant. Be kind. Smile. Best days are made of these.

Have a tasteful Tuesday folks!

Moving Swiftly On.

It is the twenty-second day of twenty-thirteen.


The number of times I’ve wanted to do this


…especially on Jav’s (daladala, matatu) to and from work. (#TheJavLife) sigh.

So, I have been on a roll, work, family, friends. I have tried to keep current and relevant with the Nairobi young society, while working two jobs and coming up with a business plan for my family business. Stress? NAH! I am also enrolling for my Master’s starting May and planning to move out of the city very soon.(To another East African country maybe?) :-X That is all In The Works.

I don’t have a hobby that I’m developing, or sufficient relaxation/chill time. Its all so fast-paced here in the city. Growing up in Mombasa, I think I adjusted quite fast to the pace of life in ‘My City, My Town’, but when do we all catch a break?? In the next life?

*looks at watch*

And, side-note, How Awesome Is She?? ====> 

Update on My 2012-self.

I vow that from this day onward I shall blog every 2 days. IJN. Amen.

So, every time I start a post, I will begin with a brag of how many hours of studying I did today. Today, I did Zero. Shame. Shame.

So, a summary of my time since the last post.

1. I finished my final semester and got one re-sit. Passed all the other subjects well.
2. I had a short holiday spent with the new friends I made.
3. Went to Langkawi Island though there was some “mchanga in that kitumbua” I did have a fun time with great friends. So so many memories.
4. Submitted my passport for the last time for visa renewal.
5. Started studying for my re-sit.
6. Went through some serious bumming and chilling.
7. Went for clubbing a couple of times.
8. Successfully organised and catered for about 400 Africans in Malaysia at my church City Harvest Church KL .
9. Said farewell to a good friend of mine. Hopefully we shall meet again.
10. Joined and dropped put of organizing committee for an event in school.
11. Joined the committee for Emerge NEON 2012 .
12. Had a good 3 months of reflection and life decisions made.

It has been a fun three months since I last blogged. My family is healthy. My sisters are still hilarious. My mum got me through a tough moment. I do believe it was really tough, but it wasn’t my toughest moment yet. If I can go through a break-down of relationships with different¬†people¬†without sitting down to wallow, I know my strength isn’t my own. I thank God for strength, and for making me encounter someone to help me through.

Just a sneak peek of what’s ahead for me.

Oh, and in an effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle,
And¬†of-course, ūüėČ NEW RELATIONSHIPS.
Cheers to the last half of the weekend!
This post (above) was done in the first half of 2012. I am proud of my 20year old self. And I strive to be a better her. So focused FTW. Everything she anticipated, she got! The new relationships though…………..((sigh)) We are working on it. ūüėČ

2/15/12 8:42 AM

I really like bragging about my family, and this is going to be one of those posts.



I was born in 1991. it seems like such a long way off. I had a big sister B, and she was my rock, i used to hold her hand everywhere. I love her so so much, only second to my mum who was my number one. You see, me and my mummy have this love-love relationship. Rarely do we clash heads, if we do, I would end up apologising. Yes, only me. So we were the threesome¬†up to¬†1998, me, B and mummy. ¬†Oh, and ¬†my paps.¬†Heeheehee. About that, I have a very traditional relationship with my father. We keep a respectful distance, I almost kneel when he comes back home, cook for him when he needs food, and basically do daughter stuff that doesn’t involve going to the park, playing ball and eating lollies with my dad. I just cannot see that happening. I don’t think I’ve ever had a daddy-daughter moment. Its not how we operate. That is our family dynamic. Then, my mum and dad discuss everything that regards us, and when my mum¬†isn’t¬†around, they will still talk about it first. I love that dynamic, cos if there’s a beauty in us being closer and more personal with mummy.


Back to the nuclear family tree, in 1998, as if by surprise, I was 7 years old and someone was going to join our family. That baby bump! 0.o I don’t really remember asking where the baby came from, but I know I was super excited for a baby brother/sister. Of course everyone thought it would be a boy. Well, it was a girl!!¬†Yeay! I was excited waiting for dad and mum to come back from the hospital, and me and B were saying silly things I swear, we¬†didn’t¬†even make sense, like how small her toes were and her gums and¬†weird¬†weird¬†stuff. Then we just sat there in silence imagining the reality of the new addition to our family.


Then there was a key jingling at the door. We literally JUMPED up and in slow¬†jerkycuriousnervous¬†movements we walked toward the door as my dad opened the door with the precious little bundle in his arms and a load of baby bags. She was¬†soooo¬†“Awwwwww’. My mum sat down with her and we all cooed and¬†aaaa-ed, and touched and peeked and almost cried at her presence. She was so beautiful. Her name is E. So me, B and E became the 3 sisters. She was forced to grow up quicker, well because there was such a big age gap. I remember my mum ALWAYS saying, she is a lot younger than you guys, stop treating her like that, she can’t do that, its a bit too much for her…etc. But E is a star, I love the relationship we have. She is talkative, outgoing and quite confident when she needs to be. I on the other hand, am an introvert, with little or nothing to say most of the time and I used to be super quiet. B is quite talkative and very sociable. We are the perfect blend. Funny thing, me, B and my mum are all about 5’1 and we all wear the same shoe size, we all have a large waist to hip ratio….you know like this —> 8 . Yes! Thank you Jesus. People always confuse us for sisters just because my mum looks so young. ūüôā


I love love my holidays with the family. All of them have been unique, and I do mean ALL!


From as far as I can remember, we have been in a different part of Kenya every December holiday. No extravagant gift giving or caroling, we just do road trip trivia and beautiful destinations. 



I thank God for my paps who always makes sure we never spend the holidays at home. Well I love my family, more that the next person, and a lil’ bit less than I love my God. They are the only people who are capable of making me cry, seriously speaking. (Yes, I do not cry over boy problems, or over my nails, or my hair, or any of those important things.)


As I said in this post¬†here¬†I am very open, but there are hidden details like our real names and where we go for vacation. I don’t really crave the stalker experience so I shall keep to ‘names have been changed to protect their privacy’. If you know me then you know who am talking about.¬†


That’s my family, they make me who I am, and they put the teeth in my smile.¬†

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